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Infographic: Bonded Logistics Center


Since it was launched, Indonesian bonded logistics center continues to progress. Business world also get many benefits...

The Advantage of Using Bonded Logistics Center


President Jokowi's economic team is known released two package of economic policies, one of them is to develop a Bonded Logistics Center (PLB).

The Advantages of Building a Bonded Logistics Center in Indonesia



The government promised to pay particular attention to the national logistics center due to the low role...

The Importance of Logistics Services in Business


Logistics is the flow of goods or services from suppliers to be delivered to the recipients. It is the reason why we n...

Bonded Logistics Center, Indonesia Has Opportunities to Build Aircraft Repair Service


Since it was launched last year, READ MORE

Sri Mulyani Challenges the Businessmen Criticize the Bonded Logistics Center



Sri Mulyani Indrawati once the finance minister asked the businessmen and t...

Infographics: National Warehousing Network Owned by Linc Group


Linc Group was established in 2001 supported by experienced and dedicated team. Engaged in the realm of supply chain, Linc Group comes up with solu...

Infographics: Linc Group's National Warehousing


Linc Group has a widespread national warehousing network and spread across the cities in Indonesia to ensure that all supply chain processes procee...

FMCG Warehouse Offered by Linc Group


FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) is a product that is quickly depleted and usually consists of daily necessities that can be sold in a short time ...

Warehousing Services of Linc Group and The Distribution in Surabaya


Linc Group is a leading company focused on supply chain service, which is including e-commerce, operator, and e-fulfillment solution. Linc Group pr...

Linc Group, Integrated Supply Chain Services Company

Linc Group, Logistics Company in Indonesia

Linc Group, Liquid Storage serviced provider and certified as Bonded Logistics Center

Linc Group, Freight Forwarder Services in Indonesia

Linc Group, Transportation and Distribution in Indonesia

Linc Group, E-fulfillment in Indonesia