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5 Advantages of Transportation Management System


In this era, the needs of technology that can automate this process so that services excellence and customer satisfact...

9 Benefits of Logistic Management


Right and proper logistics management will give the company benefit around nine d...

High Transportation Cost in Train is The Major Cause Why Shipper Choose Trucking


Freight train is still less considered by the shipping agency company because the cost is more expensive than using tr...

Getting Business License for Transportation Services in Indonesia


For those who wants to run a transportation services or freight forwarding services, having an...

Logistics Company Complain Lead Time 2 Times Longer in Rainy Season


Due to poor condition in infrastructure like road, logistic companies are facing the challenge of delivering goods on ...

Offer Packing Solution, Linc Logistics Provide Competitive Price


Linc Logistics as the best inventory management solution which also has the facilities spread across Indonesia, offers...

Linc Group Provides Logistics Real Time Report to Increase Customer Value and Loyalty


The rapid development of technology led to intense competition that occurs between businesses. So how to increase the value of the company's compet...

5 Simple Strategies to Decrease Supply Chain Costs


Economic global growth affects multiple business sectors, includes logistics.  In order to be the most competitive business, we urge to cut do...

Six Trucking Industry Strategy to Watch in 2017


Times are always changing, and the trucking industry will be no exception to that in 2017. There are some strategies that you may run in order to h...

Logistics Owner Requests to Eliminate Two Regulations


Economic policy package XV will be announced by the government at the end of this month, Logistics owner hope the government can remove the rule ab...

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