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Jokowi Inaugurates Policy for Micro Small and Medium Enterprises


In order to facilitate small and medium industry in conducting export-import, President Joko Widodo will launch a poli...

Two Ministry Urged to Remove Guarantee Deposit for Import Container


Two government agencies, Ministry of Transportation and Ministry of Trade urged to remove the regulation for guarantee deposit for import container...

Export Performance Already in The Green Zone Sri Mulyani Expressed Happiness


Indonesia's export performance is in the green zone last December and made Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani express his excitement. Green zone is a ...

Linc Group: Best Solution for Your 3PL Partner


Using 3PL services can provide many benefits for your business, and many companies from various industries u...

Route Optimization Overcomes this 3 Transportation Challenges


There are some common transportation problems you might be facing and here’s how route optimization can make your job easier.

Unnecessary Supply Chain Expenses That Are Not Needed


How to keep your supply chain to be successful? Although there are many ways to go about this task, a si...

Why Indonesia Logistics Costs Very Expensive


As we already know, high logistics costs in Indonesia triggers high prices of main commodities. Apparently some state-owned companies are now begin...

How a Freight Forwarder Can Save You More


Freight forwarders are responsible for helping you arrange your imports and exports, dealing with the logistics of preparing documentation, trackin...

Future Of Logistics Industry, Are You Ready?


Logistics industry trends will dramatically affect how logistics providers of all sizes operate. The logistics of tomorrow will be leaner, faster a...

Indonesia Not Have Map Supply Chain for Halal Products


The majority of the people of Indonesia are Muslim population and a Muslim must only consume products that have been labeled 'Halal'. Not all produ...

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