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Tough Rivals Prevent Indonesia In Free Trade Competition


As considered starts 2015 has emerged a regional policy that’s been approved in all ASEAN countries called Asian Economic Community (AEC). Wi...

Discover All About Supply Chain Management


In the manufacturing industry, there is a need to distribute all products from manufacturing reaching into the hands of customers. And to reach thi...

2 Study Cases about How Important Having Great Supply Chain Management


The chaos caused by an error in the supply chain management could hamper the growth of our business and of course the impact can yearly, even decad...

3 Tips to Avoid Mistakes in Delivery


With our experience in this industry, we would like to share some tips and strategies you can use to reduce the error rate shipping. There are so m...

6 Major Trends to Influence Future of Logistics Industry


In today’s society, technology has been changing at an unprecedented pace. When you consider that Apple introduced its iPad in the year 2010 ...

Importance of Accelerate Logistics Certification


Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs wants to accelerate the certification of competence in order to improve the capacity of logistics educat...

Indonesia to Revise 20 Regulations in Next Economic Policy Package


There are 20 rules on the logistics to be deregulated in economic policy package volume XV and  scheduled to be announced on January 2017 said...

2017: Logistics Industry Expected to Grow Better


The growth of the logistics business raised 12 percent last year.  This growth expected to increase to 14 percent in 2017.  Yet, sluggish...

Logistics Businesses in Indonesia are Still Dominated by Foreign Company


Logistics market in Indonesia is the second largest market in the world. According to ALFI, transportation and logistics industry potential is very...

Utilize Social Media to Streamline Your Supply Chain


Social media provides a platform for companies to share knowledge and opinions, and broadcast information to an audience of followers. Social media...

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