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Linc Express Provides Various Fleet to Fulfill Needs All Industries


Linc Express, one of Linc Group company that is focusing on the transportation and distribution  management  as well as cargo logistics, ...

7 Supply Chain Lessons from Steve Jobs


It goes without saying that Apple Inc is famous for its strengths in product design, development and marketing strategy.

When it comes to su...

Fleet Maintenance to Improve Service to Customers


One of our advantages as one of transportation and delivery service is we standardize the maintenance of transport assets periodically. Regularly c...

Entrepreneurs are Optimistic that Indonesia Will Become a Logistical Hub in Asia Pacific


Linc Group as one of the businesses in the logistics industry Indonesia is optimistic that Indonesia could become a logistics hub in Asia Pasifik. ...

5 Ways to Increase Productivity and Performance of Your Supply Chain


We can not ignore how importance of human resources in increasing productivity and performance in supply chain process. Some said, fostering commun...

4 Steps to Improve Supply Chain Management


Improve and streamline supply chain process beneficial to increase profits, save costs and improve customer satisfaction for your business. Th...

Get to Know the Parties Involved in the Process of Import Export


Before we want to perform import export process of course we must understand first where parties are involved in the process of import export. In t...

Burdensome Transportation Industry, PNBP Ministry of Transportation will be Revised


Coordinator of Ministry for Economic Affairs Darmin Nasution and its staff is setting up an economic policy package for logistics which is schedule...

Freight Forwarder Simplifies Import Export Process


Freight forwarder services company, not only save your company time and money, it can also help you from ha...

One-Price Fuel Program will Cut Down Indonesia Logistics Cost


President Joko Widodo will launch the government’s one-price fuel program to cut down Indonesia’s logistic costs. As released data, cur...

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