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Logistics and Its Challenges for Ecommerce Business in Indonesia


Indonesia has a large population and this is a paradise for domestic and international businesses. Many people see the population in Indonesia beco...

Exceeding Target, 73 Bonded Logistics Centers Have Operated


As of November 2017, according to the Directorate General of Customs of the Ministry of Finance there are 73 Bonded Logistics Centers

How to Make Importer's Identification Number


According to the Regulation of the Minister of Finance No. 59 / PMK.04 / 2014, if you want to become an importer, you must register Customs. First ...

How to Do Import Planning to Grow Your Business


A quick way to win your market is usually by developing the product you sell. With better product differentiation and price, your business will ext...

Indonesia Needs Skilled Personnel in Logistics Management


Indonesia needs expertise in logistics management to compensates for the very rapid growth in the logistics business o...

The Distribution and Warehousing Center


Do you face the problem in business and logistics? Then, that’s the right time to use Indonesian service logisti...

The Opportunities and Challenges of Logistics Companies in Indonesia


Today, many companies offer small-scale logistics services with limited coverage to international delivery. Many benefits are obtained when using l...

Logistics Management and Activities


Logistics is a series of processes including the planning, implementation, and supervision of a stream. In the process...

Logistics Management in Indonesia


Ombudsman Member Amad Alamsyah Saragih expressed his opinion that the logistics management of food in Indonesia is sti...

Logistics Management


Logistics has an important role in every process, in the form of goods, energy, to the resources that become the sourc...

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