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E-Commerce Logistics


The development of the courier and postal industry business in recent times did have a drastic increase, especially tr...

7 Functions of Logistics Management


Logistics management is part of supply chain management to adjust consumer demand with a number of stages, including the effective planning, implem...

Infographic: Transportation in Distribution Activities


Transportation has an important role in distribution activities. Without transportation, distribution activities will ...

Infographic:Transportation and Distribution Management


Transportation has an important role to be considered in logistics transportation management. The supply chain will ru...

The Role of Transportation to Support Logistics Activities


Basically, the logistics process is directed to optimize the production factor, which is to optimize the cost, time, and quality. Delivery of goods...

Infographic: Bonded Logistics Center


Since its launch, Indonesia's bonded logistics center (PLB) has continued to develop. The world with many advantages with the PLB. Here is the...

The Implementation of Risk Management on Transportation and Distribution


The activities of the company always faced with many risks that are closely related to the function to create val...

The Importance of Transportation in Logistics and Distribution Activities


Logistics is a series of activities of taking and placing of goods from place and time that has been planned. Meanwhile, distribution is one of the...

The Optimization of Transportation to Support Distribution Activities


The world of logistics is never separated from the distribution process. One of the main foundations in logistics activities is the proper use of t...

The Distribution Network in Logistics Activities


Apparently, the term distribution is very commonly heard because its use is widely applied in every day. For example, the distribution of aid to vi...

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