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Management of Transportation and Distribution


Transportation has an important role to be considered in the management of logistics transportation. The supply chain ...

The Transportation and Distribution


Distribution is an activity to move products from suppliers to consumers in a supply chain. The distribution will dire...

The Importance of Transportation Services in Distribution Activities


There are activities of moving goods and services in the sales and purchase transactions. As we know that in buying an...

Infographics: Bonded Logistics Center


Since its launch, Indonesia's bonded logistics center (PLB) continues to improve. Business world also gets many benefits with the PLB. Here's a rev...

4 Terms Must be Fulfilled by Bonded Logistics Center Management Candidates


Indonesia's President Joko Widodo sets forth the strict requirements that must be fulfilled by companies that interested in managing any Bonded Log...

Linc Terminal Official Certified as One of Bonded Logistics Center Partners


In order to support the Bonded Logistics Center (PLB) provider program from President of Indonesia Jokowi, READ MORE

Contract Logistics for E-commerce Business


As fulfilling specific needs on operational and logistics for e-commerce business, one of our company which focuses on e-commerce is READ MORE

The Advantage of Using Bonded Logistics Center


President Jokowi's economic team is known released two package of economic policies, one of them is to develop a Bonded Logistics Center (PLB).

The Advantages of Building a Bonded Logistics Center in Indonesia


The government promised to pay particular attention to the national logistics center due to the low role of logistics centers in Indonesia compared...

The Importance of Logistics Services in Business


Logistics is the flow of goods or services from suppliers to be delivered to the recipients. It is the reason why we n...

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