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Linc Group Apply Warehouse Management System for Accurate Stocks


Warehouse Management System (WMS) is the key in the supply chain. The purpose of the warehousing management syste...

The Differences between E-Commerce and Conventional Retail


You probably still do not really understand what is the difference between e-commerce and conventional retail. Nowadays, technology continues to ad...

The Reasons Why You Need to Choose Linc Group


Linc Group provides supply chain services in Indonesia. With excellent quality, Linc Group provides energy-saving solutions. One of the largest com...

Infographics: Supply Chain Management


Supply Chain Management or commonly known as supply chain management is a chain management, starts with raw materials from suppliers to operat...

Best Practice to Use the Warehouse Space


For the best practice of warehouse space plan should be planned are the bulk storage area and the areas for c...

The Fleet Management of Land Transportation


All activities related to land transportation activities are called Fleet Management of Land Transportation. Th...

Effective Ideas for Supply Chain Optimization


Improving supply chain is about ensuring the flow of physc (goods) and the flow of information is as effective and efficient as possible. Beside th...

Easy Methods to Measure Supply Chain Performance


To measure the existing supply chain performance, you should able to see if the performance has improved. In general, there are two ways that you c...

Infographics: 4 Stages to Improve Supply Chain Management


Supply chain management has a very important role in a logistics activity. However, a good supply chain management can certainly be applied properl...

The Advantages of Using Warehousing Services in Indonesia in Supply Chain Process


Warehouse is a temporary storage place. Meanwhile, warehouse management is the management of temporary goods storage activities. Moving from the te...

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