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The Importance of Implementing a Warehouse Management System within a Company


The warehouse is a temporary storage space used during the production process. Warehouse role is a logistics system of...

The Importance of Supply Chain and Its Management


Supply chain is a system where the organization distributes goods production and services to cu...

The Rise of Logistics Service Business in Indonesia and Tips to Get Started


There are many businessmen who rely on logistics services to develop the business. Therefore, it is not surprising tha...

The Role of Transportation in Logistics Activities in Indonesia


As we know that transportation has an important role in supply chain management. In the last 50 years, there are many ...

Main Services of Linc Logistics


Every customer has different challenges and solutions. As a major company of Linc Group, Linc Logistic started its business in the supply chain ind...

The Advantages of Logistics Transportation


There are many types of transportation known to support logistics, such as land, sea and air. All three of these transportations certainly hav...

4 Problems Frequently Occurred In Inventory Management


Inventory management is the practice overseeing and controlling of the ordering, storage and use of components that a company uses in the productio...

Three Problems that Mostly Hampered to Logistics Business


Talking about national logistics systems revamping, we can not only focus on revamping one sector but it is more to in...

Four Most Popular Supply Chain Services in Indonesia


Logistics business owner must have been familiar with the term Supply Chain Management. The definition of supply chain...

4 Warehouse Types Owned by Linc Group


Linc Group as a provider of integrated supply chain solutions has several types of ...

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