Break Up the Chain of Food Distribution with e-Commerce

Break Up the Chain of Food Distribution with e-Commerce


Break Up the Chain of Food Distribution with e-Commerce - Linc Group

The Food Security Agency (BKP) of the Ministry of Agriculture will implement online transactions (e-commerce) at Toko Tani Indonesia Center - TTIC. This development is expected to cut the distribution chain of food from farmer groups (kapoktan) to TTIC. This is the government's attempt to cut supply chains.

The idea of e-commerce TTIC is not much difference with the online store in general. As mentioned the end of November online transactions are valid, but still limited to Jabodetabek area. As it plans in the next year TTIC replication will run in every provincial capital.

In future probation, the new e-commerce system can serve the purchase and sale of certain foodstuffs, such as rice, onions, and chili. In the future, TTIC is only a liaison between TTI with kapoktan.


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