The Secret to Supply Chain Success: Agility

The Secret to Supply Chain Success: Agility


The Secret to Supply Chain Success: Agility - Linc Group

One of the main issues facing supply chain is how to create that low-cost efficiency supply chains, however, it’s very hard to predict major disruptions. Companies with an entrepreneurial culture more come up with creative solutions for their problems, position themselves to reap success when the unexpected happens. Motivate their teams to develop new strategies as a result of the disruption. Honda, Apple, Zara and Amazon are the examples of companies who have been successful with agile supply chains.

There are the three things

  1. Alert and Access – They quickly detect changes, opportunities and threats by quickly analyse data.
  2. Decisiveness – After reviewing the data they make a decision.
  3. Flexibility – modify the operations to implement the new strategy.

The lesson is to focus on creating an entrepreneurial culture that promotes the three core principles above. Focusing on this will help your company nimble enough to agile your supply chain strategy when a disruption comes along.

The proof is in the future, example Honda’s agility allowed it to survive in gas prices in 2008 and the big drop in demand due to the recession by having factories that were able to produce various models rather than the more model-specific nature of the competition’s plans.


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