Business Contract Logistics Expected to Fall in 2017

Business Contract Logistics Expected to Fall in 2017


Business Contract Logistics Expected to Fall in 2017 - Linc Group

Chairman of the Indonesian Logistics Association (ALI) Zaldy Ilham Masita said the contract logistics this year slightly decreased compared to last year due to sluggish economic conditions. Nevertheless, there are predictions in 2018 could rise to 13% -14%.

One of the causes of the sluggish economy is the issue of declining buying power. To support the growth of the logistics sector, it’s expected that the costs at ports and airports related to cargo need to be reduced by the government.

Meanwhile, no doubt that the decline in buying power is quite influential on contract logistics. The reason, although not all actors contract logistics work with retail companies, the number of contract logistics that work with retail companies in total quite a lot of 40%, so it is quite influential, especially because of the presence of e-commerce. According to the data, the remaining contract logistic is 60% portion for manufacturing.


Contract Logistics by Linc Logistics

Managed Linc Logistics, there are 3 (three) competitive advantages that Linc has for logistics contracts ie, using Warehouse Management System technology for supply chain processes, trained and experienced human resources in logistics, and using standard procedures that have been implemented and integrated to regulate and monitor all activities.

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