Chaotic Storage for E-commerce Rack System

Chaotic Storage for E-commerce Rack System


Chaotic Storage for E-commerce Rack System - Linc Group

The e-commerce warehouse must be ready to place any item and ready to send at any time. The e-commerce warehouse is usually super wide, and is strategically located, making it easy to ship to all locations. Usually e-commerce warehouse has Chaotic Storage model.

Chaotic Storage itself according to its name means the storage of goods in a mess. This system is a unique storage of goods, because each item is composed not by shape, type, color and so forth. Most preferred is the barcode scanned at the time the item goes into the warehouse and then stored wherever it can fit stored.

Every shelf in an e-commerce warehouse should have its own unique barcode, so the logistics team can store quickly on an empty shelf at the time the item enters. The database must be strong and able to record the goods coming in and out of the warehouse.

The advantage of this Chaotic Storage system is flexibility, where with this system the empty stuff can be instantly filled up quickly. Staff who works also do not need long to adapt, they just know the initial code of each shelf. They do not need to know what type, shape, color and so forth of the object. The important thing is they just know the object on which shelf. And the most fun again, employees can also make their travel routes in picking up goods. Like the game inside the maze.

However, some fast-moving items usually have their own places. Likewise with goods of large dimensions and heavy and goods that easily decay. Inside a warehouse like this do not be surprised if you find a DVD on the panties and next to it there is a gear because it is the point of Chaotic Storage.


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With the advantages of supply chain assets spreading from west to central Indonesia, Linc Group expanded its business focus from initially serving only business logistics to widening also to e-commerce logistics. Through 8Commerce, the scope of e-commerce services includes ecommerce and logistics operations. More about 8Commerce, click here.

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