Inbound Process at Linc Group Warehouse

Inbound Process at Linc Group Warehouse


Inbound Process at Linc Group Warehouse - Linc Group

In the inbound process in Linc Group, there are several processes that can be done in inbound process can be stored in the shelf. The following process:

  • Check the container (condition condition of the container that comes in good condition)
  • Unloading of goods from container / unloading
  • Space staging (after dismantled goods transported to staging)
  • Checking (checking the goods)
  • No location (location number to be stored on shelf)
  • Take off (goods are transported to a location / rack using forklifts)
  • Location (goods already stored in shelves)

While the definition of the inbound process or the process of receiving goods in the warehouse can use the concept of 5W + 1H. Namely, what; what goods are received, when; when goods enter, where; where the goods will go in, who; who put and carried the goods, why; why the goods go into the warehouse (destination), how; how to get into the warehouse

While in order receipt, in standard will contain information such as, number documents, origin delivery of goods, the purpose of delivery of goods, when goods shipped, when goods have to get in a warehouse, who sends barangdan way handling goods.Informasi-informasi this is important that operational run smoothly.

At the time of inbound preparation, our team will check the following:

  • Accept inbound information
  • Check inbound receipt, whether the information is in accordance with the standard order receipt.
  • Check with warehouse and allocation of goods will be placed where.
  • Check the required human resources and equipment such as forklifts, hand pallets, barcode scanners, and other handling tools.
  • Create inbound schedules


Linc Logistics

As the cornerstone of Linc Group, Linc Logistics is the name with which the company began its expansion in the supply chain industry. Linc Logistics provides superior quality services for over decades and is synonymous with reliable, on-time supply chain solutions.

Over the years, Linc Logistics continues to maintain international standards across our operations. We undergo review, audits and upgrades to ensure our leading edge services, including certification in a number of areas relating to operational excellence, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14000, and OHSAS 18001. With experts to advise and implement solutions across the supply chain, and the latest technological infrastructure, Linc Logistics is positioned to capture continued growth in the years to come.

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