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Logistics Management


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Logistics has an important role in every process, in the form of goods, energy, to the resources that become the source of market production to optimize the use of capital. The sign of the existence of manufacturing and marketing logistics will be difficult to run the business. However, for the procurement of logistics includes integration between transportation, information, warehousing, inventory, packaging, and reverse logistics.

Behind the logistics, there is the term logistics management, which is a series of planning, oversight, organizing, and supervisory activities on procurement, recording, storage, distribution, maintenance, and logistics in a structured way. Logistics management itself focuses on how to manage goods through a number of actions with the goal of achieving a predetermined target.


Logistics Management Functions

There are several logistics management functions, among others:

  1. Planning Function
  2. Storage Function
  3. Distribution function
  4. Removal Function
  5. Control function

The Benefits of Logistics Management

Logistics management has benefits, namely:

  1. Maintain the availability of logistics
    Any supplies or logistics materials may be available and sufficiently fulfilled. This, of course, will avoid the production process exposed to obstacles so the company can continue to operate smoothly.
  1. Transportation
    One of the functions of logistics management related to the distribution of logistics. In other words, the company has a special fleet to move goods that facilitate the distribution of products.
  1. Facilities
    Improving the facilities owned by a qualified company for the procurement of logistics or product distribution to the consumer runs well.
  1. Service
    Improve customer service
  1. Inbound
    The supply of logistics can be avoided without any delay or cancellation of supply.
  1. Outbound
    Ensuring service and delivery to the consumer can run well so that trust is maintained.


That's a little review of logistics management, functions, and benefits. If your company needs a good logistics management, be sure to choose the right services. Linc Logistics provides various facilities for more logistic process

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