Logistics Management in Indonesia

Logistics Management in Indonesia


Logistics Management in Indonesia - Linc Group

Ombudsman Member Amad Alamsyah Saragih expressed his opinion that the logistics management of food in Indonesia is still far behind other countries. This is what triggers the occurrence of food turmoil, one of which is the high food prices in Indonesia.

He also added that the mobilization of contract labor for quality control with wages below the UMR still become the problem. In addition, water-test laboratories are also considered inadequate as well as manual work systems open up great opportunities for illegal transactions.

On the other hand, President Director of Bulog, Djarot Kusumayakti revealed that the modernization of food production equipment has been run although not yet reached the expected number. This is due to the need for adequate infrastructure to achieve community welfare.

According to him, there are a number of obstacles that ultimately affect the modernization of the means of production, one of which is the difference of perception. Second, financial constraints, while the latter is the rule constraint.

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