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7 Key Principles of Logistics Management

Logistics has an important role to facilitate an activity in the supply chain. A good logistics process requires transportation logistics management, proper management of goods, and other things. It aims to achieve the objectives that have been determined.


Infographics: Linc Logistics for Easy Logistics Management

Linc Logistics provides the best inventory management solution that transforms logistics into brand strength. Starting its business in the supply chain, Linc Logistics has experienced for decades in providing the best service. Thus, Linc Logistics is one of the compan...

Transportation and Logistics in the Future

Talking about the future of logistics, it seems cannot be kept away from technology. The presence of technology seems to not only help logistics players to grow their business, but also innovate so that the needs in Indonesia will be more efficient. Logistics companie...

Infographics: 8 Practical Tips on Handling Logistics Outsourcing (Warehouse)

Do you curious about how handle outsourcing logistics? Here are 8 practical guidelines for handling logistics outsourcing that have been summarized in infographics.


Logistics Management in Indonesia

Ombudsman Member Amad Alamsyah Saragih expressed his opinion that the logistics management of food in Indonesia is still far behind other countries. This is what triggers the occurrence of food turmoil, one of which is the high food prices in Indonesia.


Currently, many types of logistics services in Indonesia from various reputable companies. This allows the delivery of goods or documents to be easier and faster with complete transportation, from land, air, and sea. In fact, travel agency services such as, travel, bu...

Logistics Management and Activities

Logistics is a series of processes including the planning, implementation, and supervision of a stream. In the process of logistics of course required management so that all the processes run smoothly. Logistics management is the process of integrating goods in and ou...

Indonesia Needs Skilled Personnel in Logistics Management

Indonesia needs expertise in logistics management to compensates for the very rapid growth in the logistics business of Indonesia, where every year got increased. The government efforts to improve infrastructure, transportation integration or human resources support m...

The Opportunities and Challenges of Logistics Companies in Indonesia

Today, many companies offer small-scale logistics services with limited coverage to international delivery. Many benefits are obtained when using logistics services. Logistics has an important role in the company's business, namely planning, regulation, controlling the flow of goods, information,...

The Distribution and Warehousing Center

Do you face the problem in business and logistics? Then, that’s the right time to use Indonesian service logistics that will take care of all the process. Linc Group provides an overall distribution and warehousing solution that adds value to your business. As o...

Business Contract Logistics Expected to Fall in 2017

Chairman of the Indonesian Logistics Association (ALI) Zaldy Ilham Masita said the contract logistics this year slightly decreased compared to last year due to sluggish economic conditions. Nevertheless, there are predictions in 2018 could rise to 13% -14%.

Infographic:The Difference between Logistics and Management Supply Chain

Talk about logistics often connected with the term supply chains in the sustainability of a business . And then , what is the difference between logistics and supply chain? Enjoy the following infographic 


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