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9 Benefits of Logistic Management

Right and proper logistics management will give the company benefit around nine different subjects. Those nine benefits cover supplies, transportation, facilities, services, administration and management, inbound transportation, ou...

Infographics: Where Is My Package

There are many customer complaints that often occur in the inventory management challenge. Starting from, receiving the wrong package, can not order, delay of delivery, enter into waiting list, until damaged on goods.



Warehousing Services of Linc Group and The Distribution in Surabaya

Linc Group is a leading company focused on supply chain service, which is including e-commerce, operator, and e-fulfillment solution. Linc Group provide the integrated supply chain service in Indonesia. By focusing on prime quality service, Linc Group use technology as a solution of supply in log...

Logistics Management and Activities

Logistics is a series of processes including the planning, implementation, and supervision of a stream. In the process of logistics of course required management so that all the processes run smoothly. Logistics management is the process of integrating goods in and ou...

Infographic:The Difference between Logistics and Management Supply Chain

Talk about logistics often connected with the term supply chains in the sustainability of a business . And then , what is the difference between logistics and supply chain? Enjoy the following infographic 


Linc Group, Integrated Supply Chain Services Company

Linc Group, Logistics Company in Indonesia

Linc Group, Liquid Storage serviced provider and certified as Bonded Logistics Center

Linc Group, Freight Forwarder Services in Indonesia

Linc Group, Transportation and Distribution in Indonesia

Linc Group, E-fulfillment in Indonesia