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Enhancing most effective transportation solutions for your business
Linc Express is an asset-based transportation company, providing intermodal transportation services across Indonesia. Over the 20 years, Linc Express has built its competency to become one of Indonesia’s leading fleet owner and operators, providing  quality links to more than 40 cities throughout Indonesia. Linc Express continues to grow in line with our customers’ growth.

Our current fleet consists of over 200 passenger cars and 700 commercial vehicles with GPS facilities. Our commercial vehicles are able to transport goods of various sizes and configurations. Our Transport Management System (TMS) will enable us to decrease routing time, increase resource utilization, and optimize load strategy to reduce your distribution costs and fleet miles.

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Tracking Visibility 
Global Positioning System (GPS) will enable you to track the exact position of your cargo. Our GPS also enables automatic switch off of vehicles engine in case of emergency.

Customer Responses 
Customer satisfaction drives our performance and stimulates our growth. We are committed to delivering superior service to ensure on-going partnerships with our customers.

Fleet Regeneration 
Linc Express regenerates its fleet to remain cost efficient and competitive. This initiative will be resulted in generating higher return to our customers.

Quality Assurance and Certifications
Linc Express has been awarded for a number of service excellence. We also are certified in a number of areas relating of operational excellence, such as ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, APTB3, and KN-RCI.