Group of Skilled and Dedicated Team for Your Logistics Need - Linc Group

Group of Skilled and Dedicated Team for Your Logistics Need

Group of Skilled and Dedicated Team for Your Logistics Need

If your business requires specific solutions, Linc Group has personnel and expertise that fits your needs. Starting with analyzing the specific needs of your business, our team will design, implement, operate and repair the operating system of warehousing and distribution to provide added value to your business.

Linc Group has expertise in industrial and logistics field that can assist you adapt quickly to the changing business world. Our goal encompasses to all sections, starting from specifically looking for the right location warehousing, designing solutions, project management, repair work until the recruitment and training process.

Linc Group’s solutions will be tailored to your specific needs, such as warehousing and distribution facilities that can fully use our properties or yours by still keeping the improvement and optimization in existing logistics facilities.

Linc Group's services will include:

  • Design and analysis solutions to develop your framework business that can follow your business’s time plan.
  • Selection of appropriate warehousing locations in order to provide a balance of labor, activities distribution and warehousing location.
  • Dedicated or shared transport solutions tailored to your needs
  • Running best operational processes, control and information management.
  • Using a project management methodology to reduce the risk, cost and time of project implementation.
  • Using the warehouse management system to improve productivity and speed up the start of the operational system of warehousing.

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