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Linc Logistic

"We provide inventory management excellence, transforming logistics into your strategic brand equity."

As the cornerstone of Linc Group, Linc Logistics is the name with which the company began its expansion in the supply chain industry. Linc Logistics provides superior quality services for over decades and is synonymous with reliable, on-time supply chain solutions.

Over the years, Linc Logistics continues to maintain international standards across our operations. We undergo review, audits and upgrades to ensure our leading edge services, including certification in a number of areas relating to operational excellence, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001:2004, and OHSAS 18001. With experts to advise and implement solutions across the supply chain, and the latest technological infrastructure, Linc Logistics is positioned to capture continued growth in the years to come.


Linc Logistic - Linc Group

  • Effective Solutions

    We understand our customers. We appreciate that each customer is different from the other and that unique solutions are required for each customer. Our ability to customize services has allowed us to retain and develop our presence in the market over the years.

  • Reliability

    Supported by a strong team of skilled and experienced professionals, we ensure that every phase of the supply chain is adequately executed and monitored. This is key to ensuring accuracy, transparency and delivery of our services and solutions.

  • Dedication and Expertise

    With over decades of experience, Linc Logistics offers a wealth of solutions based on past successes and failures. Our in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the supply chain business comfortably position us at the forefront of the industry. As we continue to adopt modern methods and technologies to remain abreast of current industry practices, we are ensuring Linc Logistics remains a strong provider of supply chain services and solutions.

We provide inventory management excellence, transforming logistics into your strategic brand equity.

With asset-based facilities spread across the main cities of Indonesia, this allows us to lower distribution costs while providing excellent customer service and develop strong brand loyalty.

Our Distribution Center is strategically located in Cibitung. It is a world class facility boosting high technology information systems. The Distribution Center is equipped with Warehouse Management System (WMS) that enable our business partners to enjoy real time visibility of their inventory.

Our Services:

  • Contract Logistics
  • Storage
  • 3 Party Logistic
  • Warehouse Management

Value Added Services :


The Bellezza Shopping Arcade, 2nd Floor # 217-222, 228-229 SA
Jl. Letjend. Soepeno No. 34 Arteri Permata Hijau Jakarta Selatan 12210 – Indonesia
Phone : +62-21 3002 7138 Fax : +62-21 3002 7110

Distribution Center
Jl. Imam Bonjol Km. 49 Kec. Cibitung, Bekasi Jawa Barat 17520 - Indonesia
Phone : +62-21 890 4365-6 Fax : +62-21 890 4363

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