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"Adapting independent bulk liquid storage for your solution"

Founded in 2006, Linc Terminal is one of Indonesia's leading independent storage providers for oil and chemicals which is strategically located in Ciwandan - Banten, the Petrochemical Hub of Indonesia. Linc Terminal owns and operates 20 storage tanks with a total capacity of 80,000 kL, and continues to expand capacity and network by add-on construction as well as through acquisitions and joint ventures. Our jetty facilities are able to accommodate two vessels berthing simultaneously with up to 60,000 tons of dead weight.

"We are focusing on bulk liquid storage of customer since we have variant tanks from 1000 to 12000 KL liquid tank capacity. Our culture is operation excellence in all aspect to minimize the challenges and cost efficiency."

Linc Terminal - Linc Group

Driven by our deep awareness for HSE, Linc terminal is designed in accordance with International Standardization of API 650 (American Petroleum Institute) and NFPA 30 (National Fire Protection Association). Our sincere concern of operational safety and environmental friendly operations require our people to fully adhere to our HSE principles. Regular HSE training and education is conducted to assure HSE procedures are applied within the facility.

We are committed to maintain a safe and healthy work environment by continuously identifying and evaluating all potential risks. Corrective action and continuous improvement will follow in every activity taken. In order to boost security within the facility, we have implemented countermeasures that include 24 hours security systems.


Capacity 80,000 KL
Tanks 20
Tank types Coated mild stainless steel,  aluminium geodesic, temperature control
Tank size From 1500 to 12.000 KL
Access Pipeline, Truck, Vessel
Berths for vessels 2 Jetty with depth: 8m and 12m
Products Petroleum and chemical products
Services Weighing, nitrogen facility, truck loading, truck receiving vessel backloading, circulation/blending Fame
Terminal type Import/Export/Distribution
Certification ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, API 650, NFPA 30, fuel oil storage certified letter, transportation certified letter
Another advantages Fulfill customized needs
Our exceptional storage services of oil and chemicals have made Linc Terminal the preferred storage provider for a wide range of petrochemical businesses. Linc Terminal is managed by a team of well-trained professionals who are dedicated to operational excellence. We provide the most reliable services combined with the highest ethical, safety and environmental standards both at local and international levels.
Linc Terminal Services - Linc Group

"As international standard in liquid stock accuracy,
we apply international deviation rate 0.05%."

Storage Tanks
Linc Terminal operates 20 storage tanks with a total capacity of 80,000 kL, ranging from carbon steel to stainless steel tanks. We offer storage solutions mainly for a wide range of petrochemical products.

Filling Station
For in-land distribution, Linc Terminal is equipped with 16 Tank Trunk Loading Rack (TTLR) for multi grade loading. We coordinate integration of the loading arm with access equipment to provide hassle-free operations, maximize safety and increase efficiency of the loading and unloading processes within the facility.

High Technology Instrument
We understand the value of high technology instrumentation. Huge investment was made in acquiring measuring instrumentation and automation solutions which offers flexibility and accuracy.

Hydrants System
Linc Terminal is equipped with high technology hydrant systems. Firefighting foam and hydrant systems are used to extinguish open fires in flammable or combustible fuels and liquids.

Value Added Services for Liquid Storage

  • Holistic operation excellence and service excellence which supported by professional people, technology, environment, and standard of procedures.
  • Real time access to inventory, transaction, shipment, and status update.
  • Supply chain technology.
  • Marketplace activation in surroundings environment which creating captive market between trader and customer.

The Bellezza Shopping Arcade,
2nd Floor # 217-222, 228-229 SA Jl. Letjend. Soepeno No. 34
Arteri Permata Hijau Jakarta Selatan 12210 Indonesia
Phone : +62-21 3002 7138
Fax : +62-21 3002 7110

Kawasan PT (Persero) Pelabuhan Indonesia II
Jalan Raya Pelabuhan No. 1 Ciwandan, Banten - Indonesia
Phone : +62-254 602 138
Fax : +62-254 605 747

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