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Distribution Center and Warehousing

Distribution Center and Warehousing

By understanding your problems and anticipate business needs and logistics, experts in Linc Group can provide overall solutions that will provide added value for your business. As one of leading supply chain services company in Indonesia, currently we have a comprehensive range of storage and handling warehouse facilities, that has totally size 85.000m2 throughout Indonesia.

To scale up our service excellence, we provide inventory, distribution and warehouse management solutions which generate mid-stream cost efficiencies and minimize the risks associated with hand-offs between suppliers, carriers, and service providers.

Distribution Center - Linc Group

“Linc Group has group of skilled and experienced people providing value added warehousing and distribution services. With comprehensive own assets on warehousing and transportation, Linc Group can manage and integrate your distribution process with efficient cost and on schedule. ”

Whatever your industry sector, Linc Group can provide a combined or dedicated warehousing services, as well as distribution services to ensure that you are able to fulfill the promises given to your customers

Type of Warehousing

Linc Group offers a variety of warehousing solutions according to the needs of your supply chain, including:

  • Warehousing of room temperature
  • Warehousing with controlled temperature
  • Warehousing of raw materials
  • Warehousing of finished goods
  • Warehousing liquid bulk terminal

Managed by our subsidiary Linc Logistic, the facilities and logistic services of dry storage are ranging from bulk warehousing to rack warehousing. With experience in managing high volume flows from full pallet to retail picking, we believe we are able to perform work order request based on customer's requirement. We also offer warehouse fulfillment for ecommerce business which most requires B2C needs in operational.

Supported by asset-based facilities spread across the main cities of Indonesia, we are able to tap cost efficiency in distribution and excellent customer service.

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With group of experienced team Linc Logistic can provide unique valued-added services including personnel intensive processes, rework, packaging, and reverse logistics. We are also able to sublease space for distribution and manufacturing tenants in many of our facilities. That, for sure strengthen Linc Group position as your partner in supply chain solution.

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Value Added Warehousing Services by Linc Group

Linc Group's warehousing services and solutions is not just about handling inventory, but there are also a variety of other services offered. It’s as a part of our comprehensive solution to improve the performance of your supply chain. Linc Group experiences in the assembly, kitting, adjustment, delay, and sorting of goods across suppliers (cross-docking), which each services part can help you to reduce costs and inventory including flexibility in adjusting between the supply of your products with your customers' needs.

The services provided will not only save your costs but also boost efficiency of work processes in the supply chain. This is because there is no needed for transporting your products again, from manufacturing to packing facility; which means you have succeed reduced traveling time and inventory. And with Linc Group manages all these activities, you will get the best service you can get from a provider of logistics services.

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Value Added Services for Storage - Linc Group

Value Added Services for Storage:

  • Contract Packaging services
  • Cross docking services
  • Quality control services
  • Return processing for fulfillment
  • Real time access to inventory, transaction, shipment, and status update.
  • Supply chain technology
  • Supply chain improvement consultancy
  • National Warehousing Networks
  • Custom labeling and stamping

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Linc Logistic is modern logistic company which focusing on national coverage. To fulfill customer requirements on global presence, Linc Logistic has broadened her network through Asia.

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