Warehouse Management - Linc Group

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

In order to deliver service excellence, Linc Group warehouses use updated and stable version of the most commonly used warehouse management software (WMS).

  • Blind receiving
  • Shipment order processing
  • Directed put-away
  • Each, case, and pallet-picking
  • Stock locator, date code tracking, stock rotation
  • Product hold, trace and recall
  • Physical inventory and cycle counting
  • Dynamic RF allocation
  • EDI capabilities
  • Bar-coding and RF terminals
  • Internet reporting for open orders, inventory and other reports
  • Kitting
  • Customer billing, invoicing and reporting
  • Ad hoc query, reporting
  • Full integration with TMS and other systems

While we integrate WMS and ERP system, it will enhance the kitting management capabilities. This will allow inventory items to be grouped into resalable kits based on flexible bills of materials. The system as well, will also monitor minimum and maximum inventory levels to trigger replenishment of materials or products.

We provide APIs (Application Protocol Interfaces) so customer can seamlessly integrate real-time inventory and shipping data into online stores, and at the end it will improve your overall experience by providing accurate, and dependable information.

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Warehouse Management - Linc Group

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