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Our Approach and Our Way

Our Approach and Our Way

Before submitting a planning of supply chain, our focus approach is understanding the problems and needs of your business first. We understand that your supply chain system is something unique. We listen and learn, so that we can provide solutions that fit to your needs, business scale and market you're in.

After that, through a project management methodology, we will ensure that the supply chain solutions that we offer tailored with your schedule and costs so that it can be easily implemented. During the operation of supply chain progress, improvement and innovation continuously will be done to make the whole operational working more effective and efficient.

Our supply chain solutions are range from planning, purchasing, production, storage, configuration and delivery after sale. You can count on Linc Group for the provision of comprehensive supply chain solutions that can be applied across the industry, in all environments, in all conditions.

Solution Design of Supply Chain

Linc Group has experienced in design supply chain solutions which is focusing on what and how supply chain system is best for you. Linc Group team will examine all aspects of your logistics operations and use additional devices that can reveal the advantages and challenges that will be obtained.


Cooperate with your team, together we determine the optimal network solution for your business, optimize operating costs, transportation, and supply of products. We will start by identifying the most adequate location and means of transport that needs to be used.

Operation and Improvement

At Linc Group, we believe the skills and experience of the team in supply chain is the main capital. And this will have huge implications for supply chain excellent operational performance if well-combined with technology, warehousing facilities, transportation and intermodal systems.

Merging Technology

Either we build a system for you from scratch or using a system that you currently use, Linc Group's IT services are designed and implemented in a consistent, high-quality and cost-effective. At Linc Group, we are aware of the technology follows the business needs, and not vice versa.

Team Linc Group uses project management to run IT projects according to the time plan, cost and expected quality. Linc Group will focus on what best IT products for your product management, which consistently analyze and improve the performance of existing systems.

Advantages LINC GROUP IT Solutions:
  • The entire technological solutions designed for specific purposes
  • Better reporting system that allows you to identify additional cost and efficiency opportunities
  • Easy to use and run
Quality Assurance

At Linc Group we believe, we cannot achieve quality if we cannot understand the meaning of quality for you. So we begin by studying the expectations of your business objectives and applicable regulations. Then we run the Quality Management System as the direction of the work to our employees.

Based on ISO 9001: 2000, quality assurance Linc Group is focused on the consumer, the involvement of co-workers and continuous improvement. Each project site will be assessed each month; the results will be assessed by the management team in order to repair work.

While the emphasis on quality in logistics is not the occurrence of errors in delivery, low damage to goods, timely delivery, high productivity, customer wish fulfillment and compliance with applicable regulations. For this, Linc Group always strives to always improve the quality of work.

Linc Group Certification:
  • ISO 9001 (Standardization of Process). Ensure the ability to meet the needs and desires of customers
  • ISO 14001 (Environment Protection). Ensuring the ability to control activities that have an impact on the surrounding environment
  • OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety). Ensuring a commitment to implement, maintain and improve health and safety.
Performance Measurement Work

We will not be able to achieve quality work if we do not understand what the actual quality. So we start by learning your expectations, your business goals and rules that apply to assign work performance in every process.

With Performance Measurement We Can:
  • Engage operational teams to understand her work performance
  • Demonstrate work processes that need attention
  • Understanding customer needs

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