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Inventory management solutions with error-free performance


Highly efficient road and domestic sea transport and distribution


Excellent services that link every need for export and import


Asset-based tank farms for liquid storage and handling



Trusted fulfillment service to boost online businesses

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Inventory and Shipping Accuracy

Indonesia Leading Supply Chain Company

Linc Group is one stop solution for global supply chain services and support.

With extensive expertise on each supply chain service, our focus is to serve excellent quality of modern supply chain services and cost efficiency for our customer.

As Indonesia leading supply chain company, Linc Group’s coverage has been broadening its network into Asia region in response to our customer’s growth in the international market.

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Infographics: Definition and Type of Freight Forwarding

Infographics: Definition and Type of Freight Forwarding

The supply chain can not be separated from freight forwarding or freight forwarding. Then what is freight forwarding? and what kind of example of freight forwarding? The following Linc Group summarizes the definitions and types of freight forwarding in the form of...

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