Linking You to the World

As a one stop solution for transport and logistics, we focus on excellent quality of modern supply chain services and cost efficiency bases for our customers. Combining the latest technology and our experienced team, we cover all your needs by proactively managing the supply chain to reduce cycle time and variability while continuously increasing reliability, visibility, control and performance.

Value Added Services

Assembly Services
Linc Group is experienced in assembling modules and components to become one complete product. This service is here to increase efficiency and lower costs and reduce time.
Co-packing Services

Linc Group integrate operational with the activities at the distribution center in order to increase flexibility and streamline existing work process.

Packing Design Creation

Linc Group offers packaging solutions that help reduce costs stemming from packaging process, transportation, and even design. 

Kitting services

Linc Group provides products kitting, re-assembly, and arrangement services of goods to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Reverse Logistics

Understanding that returns could be energy and time consuming, Linc Group is committed to providing you with quick and satisfying return process. 

QC Services

Linc Group takes part in quality control process of every product to ensure smooth deliveries to your end customers. 

Retail services

Linc Group offers retail services that are suitable for anyone needing to make sure their goods are on the right market.

Linc Group’s retail services include: 

  • Repacking
    Repacking and modifying finished goods to align with local market. 
  • Labeling
    Adding current labels, security labels, RFID tags, price stickers or other promotional labels to the product and/or its packaging. 
  • Garments Process
    Handling fashion products, including taking care of the packaging, packing, smoothing creases, and hanging. 


Cross Docking Services

Linc Group combines products from your multiple suppliers to be dispatched immediately to the destination.

Logistics Real Time Report: Inventory, Transaction, Delivery

Linc Group provides real-time access to inventory report; such as in-out transaction report, shipping report, and status update report, to control your logistic process. 

Stevedoring Services

Linc Group’s stevedoring services include unloading goods from ships to docks, barges, or trucks, and vice versa. Our stevedoring services are available at several major ports in Indonesia. 

Customs Clearance

Linc Group provides a team of experts that will assist you for smooth customs clearance process, so you can save time, money, and energy. 

Supply Chain Technology

Linc Group integrates new technology into existing operations in hopes to improve your supply chain through significantly reduced costs, as well as greater inventory accuracy and flexibility. 

Supply Chain Improvement Consultancy

Linc Group provides data-driven analysis and network design services to help save costs, and optimize warehouse and distribution locations to build efficient supply networks around centers of demand. 

National Warehousing Networks

With our network presence in 13 cities across Indonesia, Linc group ensures your supply chain process will run well - effectively and efficiently.