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Tips On Choosing A Transportation Firm

Sep 23, 2016 | Press Coverage

The Jakarta Post

When leaving the delivery of goods to a transportation or logis-tics company, you must seek a reliable and trustworthy one as you want to make sure that the delivered goods reach the destination on time and in good condition. The following highlights things to consider when choosing a transportation company:

Reputable cargo transportation

Transportation is part of the supply chain management system and so it is best to choose a reputable transportation service company given the value of the goods that you ship. A reputable company makes sure that the goods it delivers reach the destination on time, undamaged and safely.

GPS tracking system

Make sure that the cargo transportation company you choose operates fleet vehicles (trucks and containers) equipped with GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) tracking devices. The GPS vehicle-tracking system allows the operator to instantly track the fleet vehicle in real time. It also enables the timely delivery of goods.

Honest and qualified driver

Make sure that the drivers of fleet vehicles are honest and qualified. A reputable transportation company sets a tight policy regarding drivers. Apart from obliging the drivers to pass qualification tests, the company also requires them to attend training sessions on safety and timely delivery on a regular basis.

Guaranteed availability

Choose a cargo transportation company that can ensure the availability of as many fleet vehicles (trucks or containers) as you need. If, for example, you need 200, 300 or 400 trucks a day, the company should be able to meet your need.

Handling of goods

How a cargo transportation company handles goods should also be taken into consideration because we do not want the goods to be damaged when reaching a destination. A good and reliable cargo transportation service firm usually knows what kind of goods they deliver and so they know how to handle the goods.


A cargo transportation service provider usually offers different rates, depending on the services customers need. If a consumer wants his goods to be insured, it costs more.

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