How to Get More Efficient & Productive in Warehouse Operations

Oct 10, 2016 | News

Increasing warehouse productivity is a top priority for warehouse managers everywhere. But what’s the most effective method for increasing warehouse productivity? With so many variables such as labor, staffing, workloads, scheduling, and third-party vendors (which is hard to control), you will find so much challenges in creating all activities run smooth and efficient. In shorts, you need extra expertise. Well, we will explore 4 hacks of how to get more efficient & productive in warehouse operations below:

1. Minimize Transportation Cost

Every year, operational cost is increasing and saving cost is important so you can invest in other business core you have.

Things you need to evaluate:

  • Experiment with small packaging
  • Invest at fuel-saving consumed fleet
  • Maximize packaging
  • Analyze your strategy and routes

Definitely, you cannot use all the input above, but you can start to analyze your company weakness first and then you can planning your new strategy.

2. Improving the Layout of Your Warehouse

An inefficient layout warehouse can have a negative impact on your business, such as decreasing productivity, creating inventory control issues, errors in shipping and posing safety risks. Everything should be accessible with the right location includes allowing staffs to carry out their duties in the most efficient way. Ensuring every square foot of space properly utilized for sure will prevent overhead costs and increase productivity.

3. Adopt WMS Technology

A warehouse management system (WMS) can improve efficiency by suggesting the best routes and methods for picking. In addition, the system provides automated pick lists that can be sent to mobile readers and devices to help eliminate mistakes and reduce wasted time and paper. Your warehouse will be neater and greener. Using barcode or radio frequency identification (RFID) readers also can improve the accuracy of transactions, and reduce picking errors.

4. Optimize Labor Productivity

Optimizing labor productivity should be the most important thing of any warehouse improvement effort. Since labor tends to be the largest cost factor in warehousing and order picking operations, it’s critical for organizations to understand production rates.


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