Offers Integrated Ecommerce Enabler and Fulfillment in Indonesia, Startup 8COMMERCE Aims to Win Global Brand Player in Indonesia Ecommerce Market

Oct 13, 2016 | News

Jakarta, 28 January 2016 – As One of the Indonesia leading company in supply chain – Linc Group, today announced the launching of new business company which focusing on e-commerce enabler and fulfillment, 8Commerce (read: eight commerce). 8COMMERCE provides integrated ecommerce solution from end to end, including ecommerce technology, digital marketing, ecommerce logistic and last mile delivery. Fully supported by Linc Group behind, 8COMMERCE is ready to attract global brands that aim to be top tier ecommerce players, by providing 600+ fleets and 7 spots of distribution centers cover almost Indonesia area; the Greater of Jakarta area, Medan, Surabaya, Palembang, Semarang, Bandung and Pontianak.

The rising of e-commerce stretching which recorded US $1.12 billion in 2014 (CLSA, 2015), seems impacting to most business players in Indonesia, which eventually they altogether extend their business channel entering into online world. There are well-known brand players that already had their physical stores in Indonesia, and local players who have just created their own brand. Especially for the well-known brands which already have a standard quality and global brand, most of them require ecommerce solutions which is complex and integrated, to fulfill their requirements handling thousands product variants and maintain their market share which is already large and clear.

They realize they cannot stop at doing the development of ecommerce, but bigger than that they must think further how to handle the complexity that will happen in each level of operational behind the online store. Its about how to commit presenting excellent operational; such as the process of when the goods arrive into the harbor, transporting them into warehouses, or how to ensure the good is already on customer’s hand with the right time and right order, and no mistake record. They need inventory accuracy, include how to maintain quality relationships with customers (Customer Relation Management) which are most necessary for a well-known brand. Understanding this, as experienced supply chain Company that already has some customers who engaged in retail, Linc Group expands its services to ecommerce enabler and fulfillment that offers complex and integrated solution.

“As we can see now, it seems we are the first lndonesia company who will seriously focus in integrated ecommerce enabler and fulfillment. We hope we can help brands, not only stop at delivering their existence in ecommerce world, but more than that, helping them to focus and grab the market, in order to create long lasting business, be effective short-cut to customers, and be profitable. Its important, because business without profit, I think not a good business, said Hans Leo, CEO Linc Group in Jakarta.

According to Ronny Ritongadi CEO of 8COMMERCE, the presence of 8COMMERCE not only supported by the strength of the supply chain which already owned by Linc Group. “Besides our presence in fulfillment on three big islands cover Sumatra, Kalimantan and Java, we are also supported by group of talented people which generates 8COMMERCE to perform in this business.”

8COMMERCE focuses on four (4) core services, there are ready to use ecommerce, performance digital marketing, store operational and warehouse & last mile fulfillment. With all four of these services we are expected to accommodate all the needs of business players who want to raise their business in ecommerce, said Ronny terminate.

The Challenges Behind Success Online Store: From Operational until Last Mile Delivery

Most of ecommerce players see ecommerce business is piece of cake, no hassle, and free. Well the fact it’s not. When our online store officially goes live, we have to set group of strategies how to market the online store, the product, so that the store can make sales and profit. Okay let’s assume the business works well. The online store can make sales, get a lot of customers and orders. But over the years, the business’s growing. Amount of customers grow. Product quantity grows. And to keep customers’ satisfaction, complexity in operation issues arises; like product availability which need to align to the correct stock accuracy; product variety; inbound outbound process in distribution center; how to well wrap the small packages; order tracking status which highly demanded by end customer; payment status; delivery; customer complaint; until the returns process that essentially complicated process but aim to look easy for the customer.

On the other hand, the delivery or shipping company grows. They become more numerous and increasingly tight competition among others. Their average services cover in serving small packets, fast delivery to customer’s house, although no doubt yet, fast delivery mostly applies only to major cities in Indonesia.

Even though, current ecommerce business still meets the challenge to follow “specific needs of end customers. While these specific needs cannot be met by current shipping company. Like for example, the ecommerce players require ecommerce integration where the customer order is connected with the availability, logistical, and payments. Not to mention also the access needs of customers who want to see the status of orders in real time, ranging from the status of orders, the packaging, and delivery status per order.

“The integration and automation of business processes in e-commerce from end to end is what most needed today. And it’s aligned with business objective that needs fast process with lower cost. So, at the end, everyone’s e-commerce business can focus more to the development of the brand and the product, not on the things behind the online store. Well, that what 8Commerce is for, “”said Ronny.

“To facilitate and achieve a win-win solution, we are offering partnership system that not requires high numbers investment at the beginning. Because we want you grow your business. So as your ecommerce business becomes growing, then 8Commerce will grow, Ronny closed.

About Linc Group

Linc Group is one of the company’s market-leading supply chains in Indonesia. Linc Group has subsidiary companies that focuses on logistics, liquid bulk terminals, distribution land, sea distribution, freight forwarders and the latest one, e-commerce enabler. Linc Group has 1200 employees, and has cover major cities in Indonesia such as Medan, Surabaya, Semarang, Pontianak, Bandung, Palembang and Jabodetabek. Linc Group is also expanding into Singapore and Shanghai.


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