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Courier Services That Deliver

Sep 23, 2016 | Press Coverage

The Jakarta Post

The development of freight-forwarding business is proportional to the development of online business. The emergence of online shops offering various products positively impacts courier service business worldwide, including in Indonesia, as more goods bought and sold online need to be delivered to all corners of the country.

Today, distance is not a problem for delivering goods. More courier services offer their services to more regions across Indonesia—even the country’s remote areas—than ever before. With courier services more distributed in the regions, more people are using their services for personal or business needs.

Couriers are an important agent in the distribution of goods. A mistake in choosing a courier will hinder the distribution and hurt the credibility of the company, which can negatively affect company’s reputation and cause a loss of confidence from customers. Here are several types of couriers and some tips on what you can do when choosing a courier service:


Most express courier services use air services to transport goods. This is because of the size and the geography of Indonesia, which makes air transport the main choice in express courier service.

Land transport

For those living in Java and in no hurry to receive their package (i.e. one-day service), land transport is a good choice. It is more economical than air transport and the infrastructure in Java will ensure the courier reaches its destination in days.

Sea transport

This mode of transport is optimal for big cargo. Those who deal in small-scale retail may not use this service often, as sea transport is usually used for big deliveries that require a container or a delivery truck.

Of the three modes of transport, the type of courier service depends on the business needs. A good entrepreneur must be savvy in choosing the best based option based on priorities. Here are some tips on how to choose the best option out there:

Expansive network

With this as the indicator, you can assess a company based on the service coverage. This may also mean the courier service offers a more economical rate for delivery.

Monitoring services

Courier services are now competing to offer the best service. One of the most popular features provided by courier services is a shipment-status checking service. Some courier services already apply an online tracking feature available on their websites. Others still require customers to phone their office for the status update of the delivery. Choose a courier service with online tracking as this can quite significantly reduce the cost of telephone bills.

Professional appearance

If you are running an online business, the courier service you use should look professional. Before experiencing the service firsthand, you can make an assessment on their professionalism from the outside. The attitude and the service provided by the staff of the courier service are good indicators of the companyâ professionalism.

How they run the company procedures receiving orders, taking notes, managing the administration and other necessities must look professional, too. A professional courier service has a professionally managed website that makes it easy for customers to get updates on their delivery. In the end, timely delivery and good handling of complaints speaks volumes about the level of professionalism of the courier service.

Know the ins and outs of the delivery area

Each courier service has its own strong and weak points when it comes to the region it covers. For example, courier service A may be strong in West Java and in Greater Jakarta, whereas courier service B provides reliable services for the East Java region. Or, courier service C has good coverage of Sumatra, while courier service D is strong in Kalimantan. Try to know each vendor and dont stick to just one courier service. You can save a lot on delivery costs if you do your research. You can do this by comparing and contrasting each courier service and doing trial deliveries.

Reliable company

You should opt for a reliable courier service. A courier service with a good track record and with a collection of good testimonials from customers can help minimize the risk of late delivery. A reliable company usually is not afraid to provide guarantees for timely delivery and will guarantee security so that you can be sure that goods are delivered on time and in good condition.

Easily contacted for complaints

There have been too many negative stories related to the difficulty of contacting a courier service call center, from the constantly busy signal to no connection at all. Choose a company that you can easily contact and which is most supportive in handling your complaint.

Create a customer number

Some companies make use of a customer number system. The function of this registration is to keep you in the database and to maintain your engagement with the company. The benefit of having a customer number depends on the promotion and the agreement between you and the company. It can be in the form of a discount, a credit facility or a pickup service. With the facility you can improve your own efficiency.

Proof of delivery

For the consignor, it is advisable to keep the delivery receipt. This receipt will be useful for any claim, such as late delivery or damaged goods. The receipt is also necessary to check the status of the delivery either via the companyâs website or by calling customer service directly. (JP)



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