Jimmy Masrin

President Director of Linc Group

Indonesian Citizen, was born in 1963, domiciled in Jakarta, Indonesia. Earned Bachelor of Arts from University of Oklahoma, United States in 1985 and Master of International Management from The American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird), Arizona, United States in 1987.

He started his career as Marketing Management in Dauphin Technology, Lombard, Illinois. He joined with Lautan Luas Group as Vice President Director in 1989 at subsidiaries until appointed as the Company’s Director in 1990, and assigned as Managing Director since 1996 until 2007, and Vice President Director since 2007.

Currently, he also serves as Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors members in some companies under Lautan Luas Group. As the President Director of Linc Group, he plays an important and active role in carrying out the company’s strategy in developing Linc Group’s new business.


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